About Us

In 1992, long-time friends Michael Lepurage II (President) and Sid Morra (Vice President) of the Florida Street Rods collaborated in order to begin a tradition that, little did they know, would last over 20 years. This tradition, originally created for friends and family of the Florida Street Rods, was known as the Tower Shops Car Show in Davie, Florida. Held every Friday night, the event served as a place for classic car fanatics to cruise, meet and hang out together on a weekly basis.

What started as a small get-together slowly turned into an enormous gathering and was regarded as one of the most famous car shows in South Florida. As the amount of incoming cars increased, so did the number of spectators. Originally meant for classic American cars, the car show eventually brought in all types of makes and models: domestic, foreign, new, old — all were welcome. On an average night, the Tower Shops Car Show could see as many as 500 cars and approximately 6,000 people, all of whose ears were greeted with 50’s and 60’s tunes provided by DJ “Scott The Music Man”.

For over 12 years, the Tower Shops Car Show succeeded with an exuberant turnout nearly every Friday night. Unfortunately, on April 15th, 2005, president and founder Mike Lepurage II passed away. While it was a devastating blow to the Florida Street Rods, their friends, and family, the Tower Shops Car Show was much too powerful; it wasn’t ready to end. Mike’s son, Michael Lepurage III, stepped in to fill his father’s shoes as the new president of the Florida Street Rods and the Tower Shops Car Show.

Working with Sid, Mike III helped carry on the legacy that his father left behind for almost another 10 years. In their hands, the Tower Shops Car Show held its integrity and continued to grow even further. Although, despite the show’s overwhelming presence and the prosperity it offered for surrounding stores and restaurants, it eventually had to come to an end; but not by choice…

The Florida Street Rods were informed that they had until August, 2014 to wrap up the Tower Shops Car Show. This was due to the lot owner(s) choosing to construct new establishments in the heart of the parking lot, which meant there would be no more room to hold the car show and all its visitors. Thus, the Tower Shops Car Show saw its last cruise night on August 1st, 2014. Everyone, including the sounds of roaring engines filling the air during the official “rev-off”, gave their farewells to friends, family, and staff.

The Tower Shops Car Show may have ended, but it still has a loyal following. Since then, The Florida Street Rods have sought other locations to conduct similar car shows, as well as provide a safe haven for friends and family to meet and show off their beloved vehicles. After trying various locations and moving back-and-forth, the Florida Street Rods have found a new home for their Friday gatherings: The Plaza At Davie. There may never again be a show exactly like the Tower Shops Car Show — one with as many beautiful cars and happy spectators — but as long as the spirit lives on we will all continue to cruise.


In Loving Memory of Michael Lepurage II

August 4th, 1946 — April 15th, 2005